Just because someone stumbles
and loses their way
does not mean they are lost forever
I don't want your
don't want your
I am a mutant, a professor, and a scientist. Once, I was a friend. My name is Charles Xavier, I'd like to help you, if you would let me.
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Sitting with my grandma at the hospital room. Thank god mom let me borrow the iPad. I can go get the wifi turned on tomorrow, but until then, I’m limited to my phone. You guys are totally free to kik me if you’re bored because I’m going to be super bored until I get to work.

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So for some reason our wifi was shut off, even though I paid bill. I can’t have this fixed until tomorrow (if my grandma gets out of the hospital) or possibly Thursday when my mom doesn’t work. I’m working these horrible midnight shifts and I can’t drive to go talk to the people. ;-; sorry guys! If any of my mutuals would like, you can find me on kik at xPeterParkour.

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Too late professor. My love for him is just ASFJFHJSH!!! 

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                                 { ɪ } ᴡᴀs мєαηт

                                                       ŧ ø ʙᴇ   ::    ::

                       —ωasn’t   і ?

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                         We need you to hope, again.

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So Charlie is still being a brat. Anyone want a short starter?

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                              “Yer jus’ a selfish little shit.” Okay, that must have
                              been harsh, but Logan was really pissed this time.
                              He couldn’t believe what Charles had done. How 
                              could he do that? Mostly to himself and then to 
                              to the rest.They still needed his help to find another
                              mutants and without him was almost impossible. “Ya
                              knew ya had my support. Ya knew ya had Hank. Ya
                              knew ya had a lot of people out there supportin’ ya,
                              to let ya kno’ yer not alone in this. But ya didn’t give
                              a fuck, do ya?”

                                Charles’ jaw clenched as Logan spoke, his hands
                                tightening into fists. “My entire life has been
                                dedicated to helping others. From my studies
                                to my free time. I just wanted to help people.
                                So yes, maybe I am a little selfish now, but I think
                                I deserve to be.” He looked back up at Logan
                                taking a step closer. “You don’t know what I’m
                                forced to go through. Every night I’m lucky
                                to get an hour or sleep. Two on a good day.
                                And first thing when I wake up, and I go to stand
                                there’s nothing. I still remember what it’s like to 
                                go down stairs or ride a bike or walk. So every day 
                                I swallow my bitterness and go about it. Helping people.
                                So go a head. Hate me for wanting a little sleep. Hate me 
                                for wanting to walk around the garden or get up the stairs
                                with out having to have someone carry me. But I’m not
                                going to let you make me feel guilty about this.”

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                                         ”Yer feelin’ ain’t wron’, tha’s fer sure. “ 
                                                             The mutant began to walk around the room
                                           gazing at the young former telepath.
                                                              “I ain’t wanna anythin’ from ya. Not anymore.”

                                              “If that were true, you wouldn’t
                                               still  b e  here.” Charles shuffled slowly,
                                               looking down at the legs that shouldn’t be
                                               supporting him.
                                               ”I’m sorry.”
                                                He whispered, despite knowing it wouldn’t help.
                                                “I’m not strong enough any more. I can’t…”

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Song: The devil within - Digital Draggers


                         ”I tried to be the lover to your nightmare.
                                                              Look what you made of me.
                           Now I’m a heavy burden that you can’t bear.
                                                              Look what you made of me.
                           I’ll make you see.”

                                         ”You know I never wanted things this way.
                                                             You’ve never been a burden, my dear.
                                           What can I say to make you believe me?
                                                              What can I say to ease your pain?
                                           Because I have a feeling sorry just isn’t enough…”

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{His eyes are closed
     but he’s not resting,
         he’s working, seeing if
it’s even possible to drown out
their voices. His mind is clear,
until someone approaches.}
                                                 ”… Do you ever bother with knocking?”

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Charles, do shut up about this.

"You’re the one in a huff about it all. I wouldn’t have brought it up if you would stop pouting."

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You sound incredibly positive. Are you?

"Yes, actually. I could hear you cursing in German under your breath."

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